If you vote in the coming election and you vote for the Democratic candidate, there is a real chance we can save the world – if only a chance. If you don’t vote, then you may as well be voting for a Republican. Here’s what that means:

1. Continued obstruction of the government of Barack Obama – appointments not confirmed, agencies not funded, legislation not acted on or filibustered.

2. Contempt for the Office of the President, for the choice of the people of the United States and for anyone that makes rational choices based on science and logic.

3. Failure to enact anything and wasting time and money: voting four dozen times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, holding meaningless ‘hearings’ on supposed IRS targeting conservative groups and the tragedy in Benghazi.

4. Unrelenting assault on women’s rights by draconian state enactments.

5. Devious ways to obstruct black and Latino citizens in the exercise of their right to vote.

6. Refusal to address the repeated misuse of guns and their threat to public safety.

7. Disloyalty to the nation by refusing to fund the Government and precipitating shutdowns and threatening to do it again, costing the taxpayer billions.

8. Denial that global climate change is a scientific fact and refusing to take steps to slow it as extreme weather takes a heavy toll of the Nation’s economy and well-being.

9. Craven submission to the money of the very rich regardless of the public interest.

10. Pursuit of policies that strip the country of well paid jobs, coercing working people from joining together in trade unions, and suppression of wages.

11. Restricting higher education to those who can pay for it .

For the American system to work, for any form of democracy to survive the barbaric strategies of the Republican Party, that party must be forced off its course. The only way we, the People, can do that is to vote against them. When we assure history that the hateful policies pursued by the Republican Party are not acceptable, we can proceed to the solution of problems of governance that in turn assure a safe and secure way of life. Our path to that assurance is marked by the exercise of the only power we have left – our vote.

Anyone who fails to vote for a Democratic candidate in this coming election is selling out his fellow citizens. There is no acceptable rationalization for anything else. The treachery of the GOP is not subject to question. How do you describe threatening the credit of the United States to avoid a tax increase for the wealthy? Is there some rational explanation for denying that the climate is changing and that change threatens severe and extensive catastrophe from one end of the country to the other?

The price we pay for what is left of our democracy is the exercise of the franchise with as much intelligence as we can muster. “Intelligent voting” cannot include voting for any Republican  or refusing to vote at all. All of us – every one of us – must rise up off our duff, suck in the air we may someday lose and vote for the Democrat. There has to be accountability,


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