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We must all be saturated with presidential primary campaign “news”. While there has been little of substance going on in the circus on the Republican side of things, the rise of Bernie Sanders’ campaign on the Democratic side does present some profoundly important questions for us.  At this stage, those questions are not really about […]

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The Engineer and Automobile Design

Passenger cars, trucks, vans, motor cycles and a vast array of transportation devices have all become a major part of our lives – particularly in the United States. As products, those devices have made fortunes for the manufacturers, the makers of parts and the constructors of roadways. Thousands upon thousands of people have been employed […]

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The Ferguson Grand Jury Result

FIRST, there is no question in my mind but that the St. Louis County prosecutor fashioned the presentation to the grand jury so that it gave the result he wanted – a no true bill.  That is easy to do because the proceeding is not an adversary one, which is to say there is no […]

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Chicken, Egg and Due Process of Law

If you consider, more or less at once, two recent media subjects about young American men abroad, you will most certainly suffer disorientation such that you cannot see your moral compass – if you have one. Certainly, you cannot quickly conclude from what you see and hear that those conducting the debate are American. Edward […]

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If you vote in the coming election and you vote for the Democratic candidate, there is a real chance we can save the world – if only a chance. If you don’t vote, then you may as well be voting for a Republican. Here’s what that means: 1. Continued obstruction of the government of Barack […]

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