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Not A Spectator Sport and Not A Game

Millions of people voted for the first African American President in our history in 2008. In 2010, far fewer voted into office a Republican majority in the House of Representatives – a political party which has the stated number-one-goal of stopping Barack Obama from winning a second term as president. Many of the people who […]

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Things to remember about your vote

1. Casting your ballot is an act of personal and social responsibility. No debate, no political point, no complaint counts unless you vote. 2. If someone tries to stop you from voting, you challenge them. Make them give you a ballot, mark it and put it in a challenged ballot envelope. Eventually, they will have […]

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A Legacy of Significance

Some otherwise patient public officials have grown impatient with the ‘Occupiers” movement. Some appearing to be in the movement have committed acts of property damage and personal violence. Others have trashed the area around encampments. Police are increasingly let loose on those in the encampments. Sympathetic citizens outside the encampments are growing restless for the […]

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Occupy but Vote

October 17, 2011 Among the letters to the editors of the Oregonian this morning was one from Paul Schuberg, with the insightful question wondering whether the “Occupy Portland” encampment included actual voters. While I very much understand the reasons for the ‘movement’, I’ve wondered the same thing. Hitting the streets is an effective way to […]

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Who’s Fault?

For eight years, we suffered the deceits and nonesense of the Administration of George W. Bush. While it is true he wasn’t elected the first time, he definitely was the second. We did that. No matter what anyone says, a whole mess of Americans who are now suffering from the economic downturn that W. led […]

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