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Yes, it’s time

The New Yorker magazine published a stirring and thoughtful editorial dated October 29 endorsing the re-election of Barack Obama. The New York Times,also endorsed the President’s re-election. There have been many other newspaper endorsements of Mr. Obama, not all in the East – but including in Maui It is simply time for editorial boards to […]

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Things to remember about your vote

1. Casting your ballot is an act of personal and social responsibility. No debate, no political point, no complaint counts unless you vote. 2. If someone tries to stop you from voting, you challenge them. Make them give you a ballot, mark it and put it in a challenged ballot envelope. Eventually, they will have […]

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Assuring No Accountability

The corporation is a legal fiction created centuries ago to facilitate raising capital for enterprise. Its principal feature is that it shields its shareholders from liability incurred from its operation. Any shareholder is exposed to loss limited by the amount of his investment. Shareholders generally take no part in the running of the corporation, except […]

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More Questions

Senator Mitch McConnel, Senate minority leader from Kentucky, some time ago promised in a nationally television broadcast that the principal purpose of Congressional Republicans was to assure that Barack will not be re-elected. Bercause this Congress has produced no meaningful laws to address any actual problem in the Country, it appears the Party is on […]

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Fair Questions

Starting with the proposition there are no stupid questions, I conclude, as well, there are no unfair questions when it comes to the selection of political leadership. So here are some I thought I’d share. I’m mulling the actual consequences of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v FEC . If anyone can find […]

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