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The Wisdom of Rain Review by Walt Norris

The Wisdom of Rain is a great read. The writing is clear and the points well made. More importantly, the two stories that comprise the book illuminate the difficulty of justice—what it means and how one gets it. I spent nearly all of my career in organized labor and would not change that at all. […]

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Elusive Wisdom Review by Verna MacCornack, Ph.D.

J.M. has written a beautifully intelligent, irresistible legal thriller, full of energetic and lively characters. The “good guys” are real people, with flesh and blood fears and hopes. There is hard-work, lots of plot machinations that draw the reader deeply into the story, and take the reader across the country and back again. There is […]

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Elusive Wisdom Review by John J. Davids, J.D.

As a lawyer who practiced in San Francisco for thirty years I find Mr. McCray’s novel a most enjoyable and excellent read. His understanding and knowledge of the craft of the civil and criminal trial lawyer is evident throughout this fascinating story. He weaves a gripping tale of mystery and machination. The characters he has […]

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